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Self Isolation - St Mary's Littlehampton

As many of you are in isolation alone it is important for your own well being to be in contact with others. Remember not everyone has access to the internet so it is therefore very important to try and include these people as and when you can. Our virtual meetings have the ability for people without internet to dial in and join a conversation.

The purpose of this page is to help you stay connected or share things you have found online that you think others might find interesting.

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Seeing and hearing others can be a great source of comfort we have therefore setup some online meeting rooms. Click here to get instructions of how to get connected to our Virtual Coffee.

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Things of interest

Below is a list of interesting things users have found that they would like to share. If you would like to share something click “Open Submit Form” and fill in the form, someone will review stand then post it.

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Good Omens

Great take on Good and Bad, Heaven and Hell.
It is no longer on BBC iPlayer so you will need Amazon Prime to watch this.

Hope Plants – Delivery service

This has been posted up on Facebook, so sharing it here for all that may not have seen it:

Welcome to Hope Plants! So who are we?

My name is Camilla and my fiancé is Matthew and we live in Chichester West Sussex. This is a family run, well currently just the two of us, business that was set up due to my partner losing his job in horticulture sales due to the current pandemic.
We were desperately trying to think of a way we could keep the roof over our head, provide for our 3 young boys as well as support the local horticulture industry and community. Sounds easy right!?

So…after a social media post to ask you all if you would like some plants delivered, ‘Hope Plants’ was created! The support we have received so far has been overwhelming!

Matthew is the front end sales man of the business, working with the nurseries, sourcing the plant offers and also our delivery man!

I have created our online pages, shop and I am the one responding to all of your lovely messages…so all the hard work sits with me!! 😅 I try to respond as quickly as I can but I also have a full time job as a mum to our 3yr old, 2yr old and 9mth old baby boys so please bear with me!

We hope that by being able to provide you all with beautiful plants at this difficult time will lift your spirits and help you through the next few months.

As we say “Hope Plants – Bringing you HOPE to your door!”


BBC2 has recorded an interesting Pilgrimage on Friday evenings at 9:00pm.
Adrian Chiles leads a varied, interesting group: Edwina Currie, Fatima Whitbread, Mim Shaikh, Amar Latif – who is completely blind, and Pauline McLynn – Father Ted’s Mrs Doyle!
Setting out from Belgrade in Serbia, facing a trek through Bulgaria before just touching Greece before reaching Turkey and Istanbul.
The going is often rough, walking, climbing, following ancient tracks, eased by staying in hostels at night.
If you get a chance do try and watch last week’s First Journey,
Best wishes, David

Les Mis group of singer from home

Famous singers all singing “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserable

Piano piece

I was listening to this on Radio 4 and found it very moving

Journey Across the World

I’ve been enjoying this