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Virtual Meetings

This page gives details of how to connect with others in a virtual meeting, this includes some of the do’s and don’ts.

Get connected

For our online chats we have decided to use Go To Meeting. The reason for using this particular app is that it allows you to connect in a number of different way including dialling from a ‘normal’ telephone.

1). Joining via a computer/tablet/smartphone

(with an app) – I’m ok with computers

Click this link and you will be taken to a page requesting you to download an app.

Click ‘Download the app’

Follow the instructions on screen.

You might see a number of popups and things changing, all being well you should see the popup below.

Select audio settings

Click Save and Continue and you will enter the waiting room/confirm before joining space.

Click ‘OK, I’M READY’ and you will proceed to the meeting room.


2). Joining via a computer

(without an app) – I’m not that ok with computers

Click this link and you will taken to a new web page.

You will see a popup asking to let the Go To Meeting use your camera use should Allow if you want others to be able to see you. If you change your mind later you can turn your camera off.

You might have more than one popup maybe asking to use your microphone as well.

Click ‘OK, I’M READY’ and you will proceed to the meeting room.


3). Dial in using your phone. 

( I don’t have a computer)

Pick up your phone and dial 08081 780 872

An automated voice will answer asking for the access code followed by the pound/hash symbol.

Access Code: 734 617 901

You might then be asked for an audio pin, you can ignore this! 


Once connected

Once you are connected you can chat with others. This screenshot shows you how the chat will look once you have joined the meeting room.

In this call you can see Jesus is talking as he has a white outline.
Mark and Luke are muted so no one will hear them talking!
You can change the view of the meeting by clicking on the drop down menu highlighted by the yellow box.
Your status/controls are marked by the red box:

  • Mic – Green means people can hear you talking, Red means you are muted.
  • Camera – Your camera is turned off
  • Screen – You are not screen sharing
  • Leave – The button to press to exit the chat

Please note that this may look slightly different depending on the device you are using to connect.


All users should read this section, if you are helping someone else please make sure they understand this.

This meeting is free of charge but you should be aware of the following. When using any online service there are costs involved. If you have unlimited broadband with your internet service provide e.g. BT, PlusNet, Talk Talk etc. you will NOT incur any costs.
If you have a limited amount of broadband then watching any type of video online will quickly use up your allowance e.g. BBC iPlayer or ITV hub. Every account is different and you should check with your supplier if in doubt.
If you are dialling in on a landline the 0808 number used above is free.

Video Chats

A bit of privacy, netiquette (etiquette on the web) and common sense.

Privacy – If you are using a webcam you are allowing people to see into your home. For lots of people this is not an issue, but if you are vulnerable, have private things in your room/background then you might consider, moving to a different room, outside or not using a webcam at all.

Netiquette – Try not to talk over the top of other people, this can be really difficult not to do in web chat rooms, as it is common to have delay in audio during these sessions. Microphones on all devices pick up the sounds around you. When joining a conference call it is a good idea to turn off any background noise like the TV. Even seagulls flying overhead (if outdoors) came be picked up on the call.

Using a camera on a smart device – We often hold our smart devices on our laps when using them. If you do this on a web chat you will be pointing your camera straight up your nostrils or giving yourself a double chin. Every web chat I have used shows you to yourself so you know what you are showing others. Align yourself up correctly so people don’t just see your forehead and nothing else.

Hold you device out in front of you or even better still stand it upright, this can be easier with tablets as they often have cases.